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Solid Steel is a family-owned
company with over 50 years of tradition

Solid Steel is a family-owned company with almost 50 years of tradition and a solid position on the European markets in the roofing segment. Throughout the years, we have managed to build the brand in reliance on durability, modern design and top quality, supported by exceptional precision of execution. That is why we cooperate with the best steelworks in the world - German ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe.

Solid Steel is also a paragon of reliability supported with a 60-year guarantee. The result of partner cooperation with ThyssenKrupp is the product Pladur®Wrinkle Mat Plus, which has a thicker coating equal to 50 μm, which is not offered by other manufacturers of roof covers.

Roof panels are manufactured from steel supplied by Thyssenkrupp Steelworks.

modernized and improved by the applicatmetallic coating novel zinc and magnesium alloy instead of the existing zinc coating. It has improved the protection


up to 60-year warranty

Solid quality

At SOLID STEEL, we manufacture long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing and affordable steel roofing products that will protect your home for decades to come and will increase your home's value. 

Highest Quality Materials

With steel produced in Germany's Thyssen Krupp Steelworks, coated with industry leading ZM EcoProtect® and 50 micron layer of Paldur Wrinkle Mat Plus, SOLID STEEL roofing panels are resistant to long-term wear, discolouring, and offer maximum corrosion resistance in any conceivable application. Forget about re-roofing. SOLID STEEL modular metal roofing tiles will serve you reliably for generations.

Our modular metal roof tiles are built to withstand UV rays, snow, hurricanes, and hail. For years, SOLID STEEL roofing panels, installed from frosty Scandinavia to sunny Spain, provide our customers with peace of mind and satisfaction. Your home is often the most important investment decision you make. Your family too deserves the peace of mind that comes with owning a SOLID STEEL roof.


At SOLID STEEL, we offer a selection of roofing panel profiles, finishes and colours that will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Easy to Install

SOLID STEEL roofing products have been engineered and manufactured for ease of installation. Our panels fit together like a puzzle. With each panel weighing approximately 4kg (8.8lb), existing roof structures do not require any additional reinforcements. Our steel roofing tiles average less than 5% waste during installation, compared to industry norms greater than 10%. Also, no specialty tools are required to install a SOLID STEEL roof.


SOLID STEEL offers a full line of specialty steel roofing accessories designed specifically for our steel tile roofing system. We have the finishing screws specifically designed to fasten your roofing together, insuring quality for decades. With our steel roofing accessories, your roofing crew won’t need to waste time on the job site cutting or custom fitting specialty pieces. We offer fascia edge pieces, chimney flashing, corner fittings and drip edge metal roof accessories  get your job finished fast. Accept no less than the best for your metal roofing installation. Use the only steel roof accessories custom engineered for our modular roofing systems.

Environmentally Friendly

SOLID STEEL roofs are durable & eco-friendly. Steel roofing products have more than twice the lifespan of conventional roofing products. Unlike tar, or bitumen shingles, our steel panels are 100% recyclable, earning us a C4 environmental classification, according to Europe's EN ISO 12944-2. There is no need to cover your home with tar.


At SOLID STEEL we are confident in our products' quality and we back it up with an iron-clad up to 60-year manufacturer's warranty.


For orders or enquiries, please contact:

Dagmara +1 647.482.0654 Stan +1 416.827.4772
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